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Adah-YehuditUSAMy thoughts and prayers are with the victims and
their families. So many of Am Yisrael are being
cut down in the prime of their life. May Hashem
hear our tefillot during this month of Elul and
end our suffering.
Alan LitchmanUSAWhen will it stop?
Alexander RobinsonUSAIn sorrow, let there be light. In memory to the
innocent victims may there light continue to shine
and show us a better path.
Allan ChanMalaysiaOm Mani Peh Meh Hom
Deepest Heartfelt sympathies
to the immediate families of those who died in the
Amy K.USAIn memory of Ben
Anat AmitayIsrael!!Don't loose hope - we are with you
AndrewUKHamakom Yenachem Etchem
Andrew FeltovichUSA...and the world stood by as innocent Jews were
being slaughtered...Hopefully history's refrain
has sounded for the last time. Good luck and God
Am Israël Hai !
With you, Israël,
AnnaCanadaMay you rest in peace
AnnaVFinlandPray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall
prosper that love thee.
Tehilim 122:6
AnyaRussiaI could have been in this cafeteria - I was
accepted to Rothberg School for the fall semester
but deferred admission in favour of antother
admission offer from an American graduate school
Arie MollerUSATerror should never have a place or enlightenment,
but tragically, in the world we live in today, it
does. My heart goes out to the families of the
ArielLazarDeath Should Not Have Come to Them.
Ariel LazarIsraelDeath Should Not Have Come to Them.
arik moranisraelmay these victims not be forgotten in the bloody
mess the region is plunged into. every life is but
a privatisation of our rich world.
may their
souls rest in peace.
Arline RadineUSA.May all of those lost rest in peace and may the
end me near
arno tauschaustriafar are the days of peace, the days of sefarad,
the days of lessing. in memory of the victims of
this unspeakable crime
Arthur StarkUnited States of AmericaWe memorialize those that should yet live; honor
those who would have brought honor to themselves
in their lives if bigotry and hatred permiatiating
the minds of finatical muslims had not been
allowed to run its course and end these dreams.
Avi MayerUSA/IsraelAl Eileh Ani Bochiah. Deepest condolences to the
families. HaMakom Yenachem Etchem Betoch Sh'ar
Avli Tzion ViYerushalayim. SheLo Tosifu LeDoava
Aviva ChanaUSAMay the people who snuffed out these lives learn
to light candles in peace.
B. BrownIsraelMay their memory be blessed
barakisraelto the memory of the dead!!
BEN BLUTSTEINUSA..........Your life was a blessing to all who knew
you. Your gift was taken from us too soon but we
are greatful that our time in this world overlaped
with yours.Welove you,we miss you
Ben RosenbaumUSAIn memory of those killed by hate...
Benjamin BerlowUSAWhen will love for children overwhelm hate for one
Beth SchanfelterUSABlessed is the memory of Benjamin Blutstein.
will be remembered for his impact on and role in
Jewish community at Dickinson and obviously
beyond the campus. May the memory of him
others to follow the path he walked.
Betty MusmanBrasilMay they rest in peace.
G'd bless their memory.
blasbalg steven and ritausa.our thoughts and prayers go to you and your
families with our deepest condolences for your
losses. we met Marla Bennet at the Lefkowitz
wedding party and so enjoyed her toast as a maid
of honor and her beautiful smile
Boris BelinskiyUSAEach person is unique, and if we

one, we lose a piece of our

nation and a
piece of ourselves.

We shall win all our
enemies but

we must do that as soon as
.in order not to lose more and
Boris PribishUSAIn memory of the innocent victims of the brutal
terror attack at Hebrew University.
God rest
their souls and punish their murderers!
Brett LeviUSAStay strong and continue to strengthen
Yerushalayim with learning.
brigittaisraelI light this candle in the memory of those, who
contributed to the Hebrew University in different
ways, who came to Israel in order to support this
country and all Jewish nation.
brigittaisraelI light this candle in the memory of those
innocent people, who contributed to the Hebrew
University in different ways,and for those, who
came to Israel in order to support this country
and all Jewish nation.
CarolU.S.A.We have made many friends there in Israel on our 2
visits. We are praying for you all as you miss
your loved ones...
CarolBrazilG-d bless you .
carol my mumaustraliawehave lost u but ur memory lives in all of us and
grows in us and ur grandchildren we love u and
miss u more than words can say
Always my love will go with you.
You were
so beautiful.
CarolynCanada"I shall henceforward fear to yield my heart to
however bright, or to fondness,
however tender, lest I should
lose again what I
have lost in Pekuah." Samuel Johnson

Gritz, you will be missed
and remembered and
חנה פיילרלארשיHebrew University on July 31, 2002 - 22 Av

souls who perished in a moment of
savagery at the
Lighting a candle in the
memory of those beautiful

Rothberg International School
Charles B. BaronUSAAs a member of the 1979 OneYear Program, and later
as a Jerusalem lawyer,Ispent many hours at the Law
Library and cafeteria.When the murderousbombs
exploded all I could do is close my eyes and trace
where I had walked just twelve years before down
white halls past the academon and then a left turn
to the cafeteria.I could almost touch the
place.May the innocent lives be remembered
Cheryl KatzAtlanta Ga. USA.As someone who has lived and studied in Israel,
my heart breaks with each announcement of yet
another terrorist attack...we shall not be
defeated...the Jewish people are strong...our
prayers are with the families and friends of the
Christine MohnNorwayYou will not be forgotten
Colby DavidsonUSAI have been reminded to end apathy and create build a greater bridge for
Colleene C. LacsamanaBaguio City, PhilippinesVisited your country in March 2002 under the
auspices of the Mashav.No amount of terrorism can
stop your pursuit for peace. We will continue to
pray for you across the miles.We know that the
strength you as a nation will bring you through
your times of trial. Live on Israel.
D. Levi FishUnited StatesNever forget those you've lost. Remembering keeps
them alive.
DaliaBelgiumLet us do something against perverted description
of the facts.
All the media -especially the
Internet is full of hatred against Israel.
do something against it.
Someone has to rise and
organize Internet campaigns against it.
DanielleParisI'm very sad and it's a dramatic situation
DavidUSAGod Bless all who endure such evil. We as
Americans may be slow to help you, but in the
end,you are all we have supporting us in our fight
as well. God Bless you Israel
David BenAvrahamoccupied Cherokee Nation.If I forget you, O Jerusalem may my right hand
forget it's cunning. May my tongue cleave to the
roof of my mouth if I put not Jerusalem above my
chief joy