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Name Country Comments
David OttoNorway.It hurts me so much that me people that came to
Israel to do summer courses had to die. The whole
"situation" is insane and something must be done
to stop it
David PozoSpainTo the families of the victims. Hope we wish
another way
Delmaire DanielleFranceAmities, solidarite, entier soutien de la part
d'une universitaire
Diederick NevenzeelThe NetherlandsAs a former One Year Program student in 1982-1983
I herewith express my sympathy with the victims,
among which overseas students, and their relatives
of the terrorist attack at the Mount Scopus
campus. I also would like to emphasise the
importance of the continuation of this One Year
Program as well as the Mechina Program.
dinafranceisrael je t'aime
Dino and CristinaUSARest in peace Joe. We love you.
Dolores RazoMexico.May they rest in peace and let the flame of love
glows over the shadow of pain and brighten the
hope of peace
Don GoelmanUSY'hi zikhram barukh.
Dr Toyin OdekuNIGERIA.May their soul rest in perfect peace
Dr. Bill HenryUSA.May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come soon
to bring peace to Jerusalem and her children.
Keep your faith in His justice and His love for
ecisraelfor the rememerance of the muorded and for hope
Edith CruzPeruMay God bless you and we hope peace and happiness
come to Israel very soon.
EdwinArgentinano just cause was promoted by this terrorist
Elina VorontsovIsrael.To families of the victims - please be strong!
Those scum will come to their punishment
Elisabeth EllenbogenUSA.The tragoc loss of young promising lives calls
for a commitment to the ideals for which these
individuals stood. Ben Blutstein, from our area
in Harrisburg Pennsylvania will be greatly missed
among us
Elizabeth BergerUSAI send my love out to all the victims families,
friends and everyone in israel. I spent my junior
year abroad in at hebrew university 2000-2001 and
ate many times at frank sinatra cafeteria.
Eric LefkowitzUSAMy their lives be a blessing on us all.
Eric LefkowitzUSAIf we are lucky our daughter will be half as
amazing as Marla Bennett. We will always love and
miss you. I look forward to seeing your sparkle
in my daughter's eye.
Eric WittlinUSA .Shalom Chaver, Benjamin Blutstein
EricaUSBlessings of peace to you all ...
Erica StonefieldUSABaruch Dayan Haemet.
Eve TsivoniIsrael.Now i'm in shlichut at Odessa, but my heart is
with u
felicia zeidmancanadaEverything that these folks have done will not be
Fran Rituno-MorrisonCanadaTerrorism must stop. This candle is for all those
who died and are still suffering.
francesca levi-schafferisraelculture should have been the nourishment of it is a symbol of it .
The hebrew university was much more and I ask
myself what went so wrong that those innocent
people had to die in such an horrible context.
Francesco GarufiItaliaFrancesco Garufi E' con grande rammarico che mi
unisco alle moltitudini di persone scosse per
questa ennesima prova di inumana ferocia. Spero
che un giorno, mi auguro il più vicino
possibile, il vostro popolo abbia la
tranquillità e la pace che si merita. Sono
con Voi. Shalom
Fred AppelCanadaOur hearts go out to all family
members and
friends of the victims
at this most difficult
FriedaIsraelNothing can express the feeling of
loss of our
Levina. No family in
Israel should feel this
G AdlerCanadahashem yinkam damom
Gary SamowitzAustraliaWhat a tragic attack on an institution that
upholds the ideal of education and understanding
to end conflict. My heartfelt condolences to the
victims families. Am Yisrael Chai
Gerald GinsburgU.S.A.I studied at a University Ulpan in 1972 and worked
with a Givat Ram sociologist Judith Shuval. I also
studied at Ulpan Etzion in Baka, 6 gAD sT.
Giuseppe S.ItalyWe pray for peace
GoldaUSAMay Refuah Shlema be with you all.
You are in my
prayers daily!
grieser-richtergermanyin honour of the victims

to never give up
and to defend our common humanistic values

and to encourage teachers and students for
Guggenheim NinaSwitzerlandI am so said and my tears are coming when I see
that so many young people who would have the
possibility to
see and discover life are now
away. My feelings are with them and my heart
Hannah RahamimoffIsraelThe entire staff of the Dean of Students office at
The Hebrew University is mourning the tragic loss
of life at the cafeteria next to the Frank Sinatra
International Student building. We wish a rapid
recovery to all the wounded. No evil deed will
change our sincere wish to maintain an environment
of creative academic atmosphere where co-existence
and dialogue is possible to all.
Harvey FreedenbergUSA.We in Harrisburg mourn the loss of Ben Blutstein
and the other victims of this brutal terrorist
Hugo BieberUKLet this never ever happen again.
Hyeusamay the murdered souls never be forgotten.
Peace...has to work both ways. We pray that the
palestinians will, some day arrive at that
realization. only then can we all learn to live in
a truly peaceful and productive way.
ilariaitalya close friend of mine was there. she is safe,
suddendly a reality which seemed to be so far
became so close I can't still realize the entity
of this pain
Inna PenekUSAThe victims will not be forgotten, as the cuase of
their lives being stopped short...
Jacob WolfMaryland, USAWhy? When will they learn?
My heart is in
USY loves Israel
Jaime KapitulnikIsraelMy heart is bleeding. No words can describe the
pain and grief caused by the death of our dear
colleagues and beloved students. But we must go
on, with greater dedication than before, to
strenghten our university and increase the number
of students.
Personally, I would like to light a
special candle for Levina Shapira Z"L, a very dear
friend and admired colleague.
James M. PowellUSAMy deepest sympathy and condolences to the family
and friends of those who died or were injured.
Jane McNallyUSAAm a member of Janis' Boston Congregation, Hillel
B'nai Torah. She is thought of and remembered.
Janine BaharUSAMay we never forget the victims, and may G-d give
us the courage to go on for our children. Diego,
you were warm, sweet and kind, and I will never
forget you!
Janis Ruth CoulterUSAJan, You had such an incredible zest for life, a
deep love and commitment to your faith and family
while at the same time being profoundly sensitive
and generous to others. These traits are hard to
come by and will be deeply missed by all, never
forgotten. May you and all other victims have
eternal peace and happiness while those left be
hind find tranquility and solace. Your loving
Jeff LudwigCanadaMay their soul be in a better place.
Jennifer USA.In memory of those who dedicated themselves to
their education in a time of worldly unrest. May
we always keep them in our thoughts
Jennifer HausUSAMay peace prevail for all of us.