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Name Country Comments
Jennifer RigdonUSAMay God bring us peace.
Jerred MarquezUSA.God is the God of all, He knows, He knows
JessicaUSAMay they all rest in peace. "With a tear in one
eye and steely resolve in the other," we go on...
Jessica TabakUSAI plan on being at Hebrew U next year to study. I
did not personally know any of the victims in the
Hebrew U bombing, but it still hurts me to hear
about terrorism against Israel.
JimUSAIn pious memory of those who lost their lives
while pursuing honorable educational goals.... we
shall remember you.
Jo Ann PanzellaUSAJanis - I will miss lunch with you everyday,
walking to Central Park, and all the fun times.
The OAA will remember you always - your kindness
and sense of humor are sorely missed. I pray for
the families of the victims, the recovery of the
injured and for the peace of Jerusalem.
JoannaCanada,IsraelPray for the peace of Jerusalem:
"May they
prosper who love you.
Peace be within your
Prosperity within your palaces."
For the
sake of my brethren and my companions,
I will now
say, "Peace be within you."
Jody KiermanUSAMarla, you are a hero to us all!!

You were a
beautiful person inside and out. Lihitraot.
Joel LebovitsUSA.G-D Should take care
John S. LewisTexasMay we learn to recognize our brothers.
JohnathanIsraelMay the great number of foreign students slain in
this terrorist attack serve as a testimony to the
US government that only their military
intervention can bring an end to this absurd war,
and prevent them from starting another one.
Jonathan FrancoIsraelMay god take care of their souls
Jonathan ShabbatIsraelI offer condolences to the families of the victims
of the bombing.
Josephat MuaKenyaMay God keep you all in everlasting peace. You
will be sincerely missed.
Joy FitlebergCanadaNo words can express my sympathy to the families
of the lives that have been lost and
continue to
be lost.
Judy FreimarkUSAOseh shalom bimromav, hu yaaseh shalem aleinu,
v'al kol yisrael, v'imru amen.
Judy KasmanCanada.Waht a tragedy! May we see peace in Israel
JuleePhonix, AZI wish you good luck for your whole life!!
Julie MaitraUSAI was shocked and devastated by the terrorist
attacks. The violent death of five American
citizens made terrorism in Israel personal.
Kareen NachmanUSAIn memory
KarenDenmarkA light for hope!
kate demidovIsraelI was supposed to leave the country on the day of
the explosion, but did so the week before. I was
shoked and didn't know who to phone first. There
was a very nice Japanese girl who worked at the
kafeteria.I would like to know how she is now.
Kathy MacMasterUSAIn honored memory of Marla Bennett and all the
victims of this cowardly terrorist act. May God
comfort their families and give them peace.
Katja VehlowUSA/GermanyWe will always miss your zest for life, Janis!
Katya Gibel AzoulayUSA/IsraelWhen words fail, as the inevitably must now, we
must invest all our prayers and efforts even
harder in making the world about us a better one.
We have no choice but to survive and to do so with
integrity and faith and courage.
L DancocksAustraliaI pray for peace, Words can not descibe the sorrow
one feels for innocent persons being the act of
terrism, I pray for them and peace for our
Larry LehmannUnited StatesTo take a human life is to destroy a whole world.
So many worlds have been shattered. May we strive
to rebuild this shattered world in their memory.
Lars BjørnlandSwedenMay G-d grant you His everlasting peace who left
this world for the one herefafter and may He
comfort the mourners in Zion. May Hashem Rophe
restore health also to the wounded and true shalom
at Mt.Scopus
Larysa ChyzhykGermanyMay their souls rest in peace.
LeeILplease, make it stop.

may you rest in peace.
Leeora RabinowitzAustralia.Thank you Marla, for always smiling at me from
across the room
Levina de RuijterNetherlands.As a former student of the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem and having lived on the campus of Har
HaTsofim my heart bleeds for the victims of this
senseless attack and my thoughts are with their
beloved ones - family and friends - they left
LibbyUSAKnowing one person in an attack like this one only
makes me think of the number of people that have
been affected by this conflict Each time I hear
that someone has been killed or hurt, that person
extends through a world of people that will never
be the same.
Loni ShelefUSA/IsraelPeace and wisdom must replace this useless
pain...let us all work harder to make this world a
better place.
Lori MyersUSA...Mere words cannot express the loss of the
talents, potential and spirits of these people who
perished because they were simply following their
passions. I am overwhelmed with sadness but must
not be taken over by anger. All those that died
and those who are suffering because of their
injuries are in our hearts and in our minds. All
of you shall live forever. Shalom
LorynUSAWishing peace to Israel and all of the families of
the victims of the attacks.
Lydia KefauverUSAIt is all of our world, so it is all of our
tragedy when horrific terrors hit anywhere - my
prayers and thoughts are with all of you, your
families and those that survive you -- we will not
Lynette RobinsonUSMy heart is heavy with your loss. May peace come
soon to Jerusalem.
MariaFinlandMy sincere and deepest
condolences to the staff
and students of the university, to the families
and friends of those now gone. Former
international research student 1998-1999
MarshaUSAMay their memory be blessed.
Mauricio RodeznoHondurasWith deep sympathy to all the community at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Even this far,
our hearts tremble at the terror and damage
created by those who know not how to tolerate
others and live peacefully in a world every day
more in need of our best.
Mawloud Ould DaddahMauritania
You have my affection.God Bless Israel.God Bless
us.Mawloud Ould Daddah,Dakar,Senegal
Max EpsteinU.S.A.I am hurt by these deaths and I will feel content
only when they cease.
merav barlevIsrael.May they rest in peace and may all of this
finally end
meyrav gabayisrael.i cherish their memory and send my comforts to
the victim's families
Michal ToibaFlorida, United StatesWords cannot explain the tragedy and the horror
that went on in The Hebrew University of an Israeli High School student in
America, my heart is with all the victims and
mignone rosenfeldisraelmy heart goes out to the families who have lost
their beloved and I wish to offer continued
strength to those who are continuing to deal with
trauma and injuries. refuah shlema
Mihael R.IsraelZihronam le braha
Mike McIntyreUSA.Blest shall we all be when peace of mind and
heart match the peace of these beautiful souls