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Mineo MoritaniJapanI love the Israelites and The Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. I owe Dr. Mosche at Harry Truman Peace
Institute. We also dined at Frank Sinatra Hall.
Agaist all the tragedies, we can walk our life in
peace together. We must not forget these precious
victims for life.
MirkoSloveniaI wish that the memory of these beloved souls stay
in our hearts and minds so we can always
mogilevsky elenaisraeldon't exist words... terrible...just silence and
Molly LivingstoneUSAMarla Bennett was my dearest friend. I grew up
with her as my counselor at camp. When are heard
the news I collasped in pain to know a gift to the
world we never be complete unwrapped. My Marla is
gone physically but her spirit is forever a part
of Israel and enlightens us all. I am here in
Israel today for the love Marla had for this land.
She gave it to me only she will never know.
monicaisraelgod bless them
Moshe AvrahamiIsraelBS"D
May Salvation Arise for the people of
Israel, may we find solace in Our G-d the L-rd of
Hosts, may he remember the lives of these inocent
and may he bring an account for their martyrdom.
Mr.Thomas SebastianindiaIf ideas end freedom dies and ideas
exist only
when incorporated in individuals mind and body,at
the Hebrew University it is evident that ideas
exist, for freedom thrives there and let me pay my
hearty condolences for those torch bearers of
freedom who had to sacrifice their dear lives.
Munene-MwanikiKenya / South AfricaEven the worst of our enemies cannot destroy the
seeds that humility in seeking knowledge and
wisdom bestows upon humanity.To the families of
all who lost their lives and those who got
injured, know that our brothers and sisters did
not die or get hurt in vain. The search for
knowledge is the ultimate sacrifice in the tortous
search for a free and just world.
Myra Clark-SiegelIsraelOur thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Nathan J. CarneyUnited StatesMy heart aches to read of the the tragic loss of
life. I look at the victims faces and I see people
who had many of the same goals and ambitions I
have. This violence has to stop. May God give
blessing and comfort to their families and
Neil CohnUSAno words express the sadness. may their families
and friends find the strength to honor them by
living full and meaningful lives.
OlivierFranceI do not think every day to them. But maybe the
most important is that all my life, sometime, I
will think about them, as tonight, in New York,
far from France.
That means (and even if I am not
Jewish) there will be always, and everywhere a
small place for them in my Heart.
student at the Summer School of Rothberg
Orith Barnea Burla(Israel (GermanyOrith
You may cut the flowers but it will not
stop the spring. "/
Podran cortar las flores pero
no detendran la primavera"

I am very shocked.
Hebrew U. at Mount Scopus is my second home since
I made alyiah in the early Eighties.
Pat PowerUSA?The tragedy is the loss of so many lives of
promise and peace. How can the world can go so mad
Patricia JenningsUSAMy heart goes out to families and friends of the
victims and pray that peace may prevail in Israel
and in the whole world.
Paul Ben IshaiIsraelNever forget and probably never forgive
Paula HeimanUSAWe mourn; we remember.
PedroUKThat it came so far to bomb a university was hard
to take for us.
It could have been everyone on
this day.Every one who was killed was one too
much.We are at university ourselves.I don't like
the Palestinians and wish that they go away from
Westbank and Gaza.Some of them have bombed a
university killing students. Thinking of the ones
who were killed *God bless you all*
pedro limaAzores-PortugalI decided to give my simple homage for all the
victims of barbarity. The evil forces will never
pengcongChinaI will remember them !I hope there will be a peace
world that everybody can enjoy!
Peter BaumEnglandWords are so inadequate - my family and I share in
in the grief of the families and friends so
priviliged to have known those who died.
Peter RosenbergEl Salvadorto the staff of the hebrew university of jerusalem
,the student body my sincere and deepest
Philip and Sella BorgumUSAIts not just one contry, one religion or even one
individual suffers acts of terrorist like these
are done. Tha whole of human kind is wounded, and
it not the kind of wound that heals easily.
Please, it's time to put our differences aside and
mourn with our brothers and sisters that lost
loved ones and put aside the kind of hate that
festers and carries out these despictable acts of
Philip omanwaKenyaSo sorry for this horrible atack to thenationof
israel,its a country i love,Gods own people.The
staff and students who died shall no dought be
remembered for there contribution they made
towards the your university.May Israel live for
ever and advance there dreams.
Philip RudolphUnited StatesHaving visited the memorial on the campus a year
and a half ago, it still sticks in my memory. May
all of you live on in peoples hearts and minds.
Prof Uri DayanPresently at The Penn State UnThere are no words to express my sorrow and
sadness in regard of the recent blast in Frank
Uri Dayan
Qiang WangChinawishes:
never let innoscent person shed blood on
national problems
Rabbi Shoshana KaminskyUnited StatesThe world has lost gifted teachers
of the future,
and we are all
left diminished
RachelUSAwe'll miss you Marla
Rachel DentremontUSAThis is Gods country!!!!
Man makes his plan but
God always has the last say
Rachel EliorIsraelmay we see the end of terror in the near future
may the tragic attack will be the last one
the memory of the victims be blessed
Rachel HabushCalifornia, USIn memory of Marla Bennett and all the other
victims of terrorism at Hebrew University, and
elsewhere. You will always be in our hearts.
Raeefa ShamsUSALet us grieve for the innocent lives lost
terror. Let us hope for a day
when peace will
overcome the hate.
razisraelwill it ever end?
shelo tedu tsaar
Rhiannon NewmanUnited States Of AmericaPeace. That's all I have to say.
Robert L. MarloweUSA.May it be God's will -- and ours -- that their
lives bring us together in creating peace for all
people. Hatred must not overcome the desire for
peace on the part of good people everywhere
Robert SauerIsraelJust as the Shoah was followed by the creation of
the State of Israel, so will the victims of Arab
terror be avenged through a change in the course
of Jewish history.
Robin BergerUSAMay the spirit of your souls shine forever. Your
accomplishments and good deeds live on forever.
Rocklin Jay HyattUnited StatesStudents should never have to be victims of
anykind of attack. They are trying to learn how to
better the lives of all they will ever meet. May
their families find the peace that only God can
bring from this tradgety.
RodrigoChileI can´t belive that there are people that can
strike a center of studies like Hebrew University.
I hope that the road map will bring peace and
security to Israel and Palestine. God bless you.
sabin michaelisraelcrying and mourning with the victims' families, we
shall stand and shall not surrender to the terror.
SachiJapanMay all lost their lives in this world be in peace
in heaven and all wounded people be recovered from
the both physical and mental pain.
Samantha RollingerUSAWith the hope of a future filled with peace
SamerLebanonHello all. I just want to say that I hope this
terror will end soon. I hate the situation. I like
and appreciate this university...
Samson FrankelUSAMy deepest sympathy to the survivors and the
families of those that were tragically killed in
this horrendous attack.
samuel scolnicovHebrew UniversityTothe memory of Levina and Daphna and of our
Sinn machen, dass andere verstehen, dass
ge der Tod dieser Menschen zumindest
!keinen Sinn macht
Sarah YantTexas, USAPeace to the people of Israel/Palestine....may the
terror and hatred on both sides end.
Sarit CaspiIsrael.Marla Bennett grew up in San Diego, CA where she
was an active leader in the community. She was
fun and easy to get along with, and anyone that
ever came in contact with her loved and respected
her. Her death has deeply affected me along with
thousands of others around the world