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Name Country Comments
Scott SchillerUnited StatesLet peace happen for Israel
SharonUSAIn memory of David Gritz
Shayne GrunspanUSAIn Memory of Ben,
Rest in peace dear
Your example will always continue to
shine in this world, not only to me but to all who
knew you!! Thanks for everything!
sheila booftyisraelsheila our hearts are with you a complete recovery
to the wounded
of the victims and refuah shlema
my condolences to all the families

Shulamitisraellet us all cry and pray for better days
simonmexicohope one day in memory of this people and all the
others that had been kill in similar events, that
israel in the near future be in pease forever with
all arab nations
Sofia MessingerNorwayWe are very sorry and paind for this tarribell
terror on Israel children. Ir's tarribal, we want
to send our greeting and our feeling to all of you
in Israel, to the familys of this yung people, and
we pray every day, that this barbarism and terror
will stopp soon.
SonjaUSAMay prayers are with you all! May God bless
Stephanie SanHamelUnited States of AmericaI have a close friend who attends the Hebrew
University, and I stand with Israel all the way.
As far as I am concerned, these victims could have
been my friend, myself, or any other Jew.
Steven LipperUnited StatesYou take the love with you.
SueIsraelThis brutal attack yet again on innocent people
hit me really hard. It was as though the
terrorist attacked my home, since I am part of the
Hebrew University.
We must stay strong - my
condolences to the families of the victims.
Sue Ben-DorUSAThere is nothing to say - may the killing stop!
TaliUSAHamakom yinachem et kol mishapachtam b'toch shaar
avaley tzion v'yerushalayim....may their memories
be blessed and should all have an aliyah as the
terrorist who did this should burn in hell.
their families share comfort in all the wonderful
memories they have shared with their loved one.
Tali EdelsteinUsa / Israellay these flowers on your graves.. .
Tamir SinaiGermanyWhen will it end?
Tess Fabrick KlaristenfeldUSAIn commemoration of Marla Bennett's yartzheit.
She will be remembered always as a friend and an
Thomas SchneckUSARest in peace. You are loved.
Toni ThrasherUnited StatesWhen I saw the tragedy/I was heartbroken/When i
saw the victims i was mad/ We lost the best part
of our lives/ and now i don't feel like me.
Trevor AdamsUSA-IllinoisI did not know any of the victims, but my prayers
are with them and their families. May G-d bless
them. Baruch atah HaShem!
UriitalyMay god bless their soul
Víctor Hugo MendozaMéxicoI have no words, but still the hope to stop the
terrorism and violence.
Veronika LedermanBelgiumHaving been a student of Hebrew U in 83-84, this
assoult hits me as if I just walked in its
corridors only minutes ago. Be strong in your
recovery for the wounded/ For those who are
missing their loved ones too soon, I keep you in
my heart
Waltenegus DargieEthiopiaI have a deep compassion to the Israelite people
and I suffer with you everytime a terrior strikes.
May the Lord be with you and bless you.
Wechsberg Fam.IsraelAfter another horrific terrorist act in Jerusalem,
Jan. 29th 2004, we can not forget those who
parished on Mount Scopus cafeteria...
This site
is truely honoring the victims.

Thank you!
Weetzie RoussisUSAYou will NEVER be forgotten.
Winni FejneSweden.Swedish Friends of the HUJ send their regrets at
the incident, together with best wishes for better
yamitusamy deepest heartfelt condolences go to the
families of the victims and those hurt by this
horrible attack. I was a student at Hebrew U from
1994-95 at the Rothberg School and feel the pain
the University is feeling now. May they rest in
peace and may we all find the strength within us
to end this horrific cycle of innocent lives lost.
YaseanIranI'm so sorry that the university's atmosphere has
polluted by violance. I hope some day all guns and
bombs replaced by pens and conversation.
Yehudah YounessianIsraelGod's gavel has no sound. May their memory be
blessed, and their blood be avenged.
Yohanan WeiningerIsraelCondolences to the families and friends of the
Help to the injured.
Yongjun HuChinaPeace is good and Violence is bad
YoniIsraelI'm sending my deepest condolences to the families
of the victims.
May the coming year will be
better and there will be peace in Israel and in
the entire world.